2022 Hydrant Flushing Schedule

22 hydrant Flushing Schedule

2022 Fire Hydrant Flushing Schedule

JUNE 13 Clarks Hill area and Grove Street

JUNE 14 Church Street

JUNE 15 Canal and Griffin Street

JUNE 16 Johnson and Washington Street

JUNE 17 Water, Johns, Burt, and Donaldson Streets

JUNE 20 North Division and Lincoln Street
JUNE 21 North Lincoln and Northwest Streets

JUNE 22 Lincoln Lane, Wen Lynn Drive

JUNE 23 Senica Manor

JUNE 24 Oak Bluff Court & Oak Bluff Estates

JUNE 27 Arrowhead and Erica Drive
JUNE 28 Burgess Drive up to and including Hatchet Canyon

JUNE 29 Brittney Court, Adam Circle, Ann Marie Drive

JUNE 30 North 178 to Loves & East Route