US 6 and Illinois 178 Intersection Improvement Project Fact Sheet 2-25-2019

1. Background: Temporary traffic signals are in place to mitigate traffic congestion. A more permanent solution is desired to provide better overall flow and to accommodate left turning traffic without blocking through traffic. The Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) initiated a study to identify proposed improvements.

2. Alternatives under review:
a. Installation of permanent traffic signals and additional turn lanes.
b. Installation of a modern single-lane roundabout with highway lighting.

3. Proposed scope of work:
a. Construction of a modern single-lane roundabout is currently the preferred      alternative due to traffic and safety benefits.
b. Traffic signals would no longer be needed.
c. Highway lighting would be provided.
d. The new pavement is anticipated to be concrete.

4. Benefits of a roundabout:
a. Crash severity is reduced by the low speeds and collision angles. This means fewer injuries and fatal crashes.
b. Traffic capacity is increased under most conditions.
c. No permanent traffic signals to maintain.

5. Roundabout Design:
a. Accommodates large tractor trailers for all turning movements.
b. Emergency vehicles can pass through without using the truck apron.
c. U-turns are performed easily for increased access to local businesses.
d. Some right-of-way must be purchased but no buildings will be displaced.

6. Schedule:
a. The initial study is anticipated to be complete in spring 2019.
b. The improvement is tentatively funded in 2020 using Highway Safety Improvement Program funds.

7. Summary: Illinois Department of Transportation, District 3, is in the preliminary stages of a study to determine improvements to the US 6 and IL 178 intersection in North Utica. The preferred alternative based on traffic flow and safety is to construct a single-lane modern roundabout. The proposed roundabout is tentatively funded with Highway Safety Improvement Program funds due to the anticipated safety benefits. The District anticipates completing the study in the spring of 2019 and beginning construction of the project in 2020 if a roundabout stays the preferred alternative. If another scope of work is selected an alternative funding source will have to be identified.

8. The project website can be found at and will provide project specific information as well as general information regarding roundabouts.