UFPD Burn Ban 9/17/21

The Utica Fire Chief has issued a burning ban for the Utica Community Fire Protection District territory, effective at 6PM September 17, 2021. Burning includes but is not limited to burning of landscape waste, agricultural waste, household trash and garbage, and burning barrels. Recreational fires are currently allowed.

Recreational/Campfires are defined as cooking fires, campfires and small bon-fires three (3) feet or less in diameter using charcoal or fire wood that occur in designated areas for the purpose of cooking, pleasure or ceremonial reasons. Recreational fires must be located at least twenty-five (25) feet from structures and/or combustibles; a shovel, connected water house or five (5) gallon pail of water must be present and a responsible person must be in attendance until the fire is extinguished. Fires must be completely soaked and cool to the touch before the fire is considered extinguished and safe. Please do not leave ANY fire unattended.

If the Utica Fire Department is called to an open burn, the fire will be extinguished by Fire Department personnel. In addition, the party involved and/or owner of the property may be subject to a fine and/or service charge in accordance to the Fire District’s posted hourly rates.

Burn ban notice